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20 PK Mild Italian Sausage (links)

20 PK Mild Italian Sausage (links)

20 packages, approximately 1 lb each (average about 0.90 lb)
Avg. 18 lb.
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This is some good sausage. Of course, if you're ordering 20 packages you already know that.

These sausages are packed in natural casings. They're good on their own hot from the the grill, roasted in the oven, and as an enhancement to things such as tomato sauce.

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Our Methods

Diet consists of pasture/hay, greek yogurt whey, and GMO-free grains

No Hormones or steroids

Never fed drugs or antibiotics


Seasonally accommodated




Salt, coriander, black pepper, fennel, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder.