Pastured Pork

Our pigs are legitimately pastured - they get fresh grass and roots every day during the growing season (no permanent dirt lot "pastures" here). In the winter they live in hoophouses with deep bedding and we deliver the grass to them as hay. We also provide them whey from a greek yogurt maker, an occasional bit of human food past its sell-by date, and non-GMO grains.

Mild Italian Sausage (Links)

ON SALE! $0.51/lb savings
Avg. 1 lb.

Breakfast Sausage (links)

1 lb. package of small links
Avg. 1 lb.

20 PK Breakfast Sausage (links)

20 packages, approximately 1 lb each
Avg. 15 lb.

20 PK Mild Italian Sausage (no casing)

20 packages, approximately 1 lb each (average around 1.10)
Avg. 21 lb.